Friday, July 07, 2006

Male Logic....

Right. Pic above is of ornamental cat (yes MJB, its not real ;) ) placed thus in a logical attempt to keep f'ing birds away from brassica's. If I were a bird, I would steer well clear of it and go and attack something near a hanging pie base or cd suspended from a piece of string. But nooo, the birds up our plot must obviously subscribe to "Which Bird Deterrent" magazine as one of the eyes has been pecked out and if that wasn't enough, just to rub it in, there are two big pieces of bird shit running down its back. Still, atleast while they've attacked and defacted the porcelain cat (and made me look a bit of a tit) they've left the brassica alone. So, here's to male logic working! (in a fashion) :) Posted by Picasa


Pic taken about 2 weeks after planting into the ground. They're massive now! But I will have to purchase a larger camera in order to photograph them ;) Posted by Picasa

Erm, can't think of a title.

From the front on the right; Beans (thats you can't see as they never grew, hehe) parsnips (which taste very bloody lovely. I ate the ones that I thinned out. Naturally I took them home and cooked them first ) lettuce, carrots, then spring onions and red spring onions, to the right of them are the onions and shallots (nice!), then ya got the rhubarb (yuck!) and an apple tree and behind that (which I forgot to take a pic of ) is more spring onions, spring cabbage, beetroot and garlic. And the shed ;) Posted by Picasa


From the front; Spring Cabbage, Lettuce and Sprouts chilling at the back. Of course, this pic and that of the spuds below are a few weeks old. I just haven't had a good opportunity to update lately. Spuds taste great, as do the shallots and onions. The baby carrots I had the other night were amazing, juicy and sexy. Makes all that digging, laying of paths and cutting wood worth it! Posted by Picasa

Spuds anyone? We sure to have a few left over :D

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Monday, May 01, 2006



>:D Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Grow my beauties, grow!

This is the water feature/spawn of frog haven. I took the spawn and the water from our communal pond. There are many little nooks and crannies around the back for creatures to hide and as I plant around the outside, I'll add some rocks etc, so it should be a nice little area for wildlife.
And it cost bugger all! :) 50 or so spawn are doing well on a staple diet of pork sausage. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Isn't it amazing (and a little scary) what neighbouring plotholders keep in their sheds? Next time you're down your plot, you'll be staring and wondering now :D Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Water Collection

Have also finished the main water collection area. The shed roof is twice the size of its floor, and with the lean-to at the side, it collects a good load of rain. The blue butt is full, so going to build a large area for it to spill over in to out of timber and line it will several layers of plastic sheeting. You can never have enough water! Posted by Picasa

Seed Bed

Finished the seed bed at the top of plot, complete with coldframe cover, hinged too :) This will be a great spot to start alot of veg and herbs off over the next few weeks while there's still a threat of frost. Posted by Picasa